#Itsthelittlethings – Days 21 and 22

Hi Everyone! Happy first day of Autumn! I've been loving the weather lately so you may see a few different nature-inspired pics during the last week of this challenge. See below for what made me happy over the past few days. And don't forget to find some more things to smile about over at theshimmerwithinher!   Day 21 … Continue reading #Itsthelittlethings – Days 21 and 22


Interstitial Cystitis and Your Diet -What’s the Deal?

Oh IC, How I Hate Thee - I think that may be my new tag line, what do you think?? This post was originally going to be about the many  ways IC has effected me but once again, I realized I have too much to say. As I began typing, it became clear that the connection … Continue reading Interstitial Cystitis and Your Diet -What’s the Deal?

#Itsthelittlethings – Day 19 and 20

The interesting thing about this challenge has been the phenomenal amount of moments that I'd like to capture and post. But for the most part, it's always been clear what made me smile the most each day. Below, the two things that made the cut. Follow along with the #itsthelittlethings challenge over at theshimmerwithinher! Day 19 … Continue reading #Itsthelittlethings – Day 19 and 20

The ONE Thing I Did to Help Heal My Pelvic Pain

  If you have been following my series on how I healed my Interstitial Cystitis and pelvic pain (naturally!) you know that there are a number of supplements I have been taking that have really helped with the pain and discomfort (Check out part 1, 2 and 3 of the series if you've missed it). … Continue reading The ONE Thing I Did to Help Heal My Pelvic Pain

#Itsthelittlethings – Day 13 and 14

There's a theme to the things that have made me smile over the last two days - they both involve the positive distraction of my cell phone. Said phone can also cause a lot of unnecessary procrastination but we're focusing on the good stuff here! Read more about this challenge on posting one things per … Continue reading #Itsthelittlethings – Day 13 and 14