10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Interstitial Cystitis

One of the worst and most unfortunate parts of having interstitial cystitis (or related conditions) is the length of time it takes for many patients to be diagnosed and start treatment. I was extremely lucky in that it only took about 4 months, although sometimes I wonder if my doc was too quick to slap on … Continue reading 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Interstitial Cystitis

Forgiving Yourself After a “Screw Up”

I drank three martinis. And three cups of coffee. And ate a ton of crap. Ever since I began writing about my health, I've felt different about my symptoms when they do rear their ugly head. This blog is about how I've healed and the importance of taking care of myself for continued healing. What right do I … Continue reading Forgiving Yourself After a “Screw Up”

Living with Interstitial Cystitis

One of the more difficult things about living with a chronic illness like interstitial cystitis is attempting to explain to others what it is and what it really feels like. It also sucks to explain away some of the daily odd behaviors that become necessary for your own sanity and comfort. The illness really is far-reaching and … Continue reading Living with Interstitial Cystitis

Home Remedies to Heal Interstitial Cystitis Pain

Hi there! What if I told you there are some super easy things you could do right now, for free and with minimal effort that would help to at least relieve the discomfort of chronic pelvic pain? Guess what, there are plenty! Some of the tips and tricks below come from my physical therapist. Others I … Continue reading Home Remedies to Heal Interstitial Cystitis Pain